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2008-2009 Arashi School Calendar - FINISHED!


No, seriously. Finally. I've had this about half-done for ages. Life likes to get in the way like that, you know?

Click the image above to go my LJ scrapbook gallery.

All images 300600dpi(oi brain fart)and either 2000px or 4000px on their longest edge.

MU Uploads (4 zip files, no need to join, just download each separately and unzip into the same file):

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Comment/Credit not necessary, but if I find these somewhere else with my watermark cropped out and claimed as yours, shit will fly. :)

EDIT: Direct download links from my site can now be found here. Same zip files and images as above, just in case you have an issue with MU. I ask you use the MU links first, please, and 'right click + save as' for the direct links. DOMAIN HAS CHANGED.WHOLE SITE HAS CHANGED. XD;; If you have it bookmarked, please update your links.
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[scans] AAA2 Nino Clearfile & Taipei Pamphlet Extras

The entire pamphlet is the same as what was sold at the first leg of the AAA2 tour, but includes extra shots of preparation for the Kokuritsu concert.

The lovely inuhariko hooked me up with these when she went to the Taipei concert, and now I've decided to scan them as a break from the "Arashi is Alive" photobook. Who's scanning should re-commence soon.

Again, usual rules apply: Credit is nice, but not necessary; do not claim as your own.

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Icon Post - Arashi: Calenders, AAA Stuff, Arashi is Alive Photobook, October Mags, Random - 55 icons

So when I'm bored as work, I icon. Which has resulted in 55 new icons in the past two weeks or so... -_____-

AAA Scans & October Mags are from arashi_yuuki and the calendar scans are from Jenshinnn @ vox. AiA photobook scans are my own, and the other images are just in my group images folder, so I honestly have no idea. XD



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;credit necessary
;comments are nice
;crit welcome
;NO HOTLINKING. I've not tested the bandwidth on my photobucket yet, and I'd like to keep it that way.
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Icon Post 001

Some of these may be repeats to some of you, but I figured it would be best to have them all in one place until I update again. There are some new icons at the end of every grouping

arashi icons;

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Some of these were me being bored and playing around with icon tutorials, so they're sort-of experiments that happened to turn out really well.


[1] NO HOTLINKING. ABSOLUTELY NO HOTLINKING!!!I have very limited bandwidth, so please, do not abuse it.
[2] Textless icons are NOT bases.
[3] Comment & credit is much appreciated. Please credit either gimmick_game or keep_a_peak or both, if you so wish.