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journal change

I know, I know. I've done this how many times now?

I was never really happy with this place, honestly. It's been through so many makeovers I'm sure it's got a severe identity crisis now.

Anywho, I've decided to bite the bullet and create a new graphics/resources community for myself.

Anyone who is here simply for scans, please check very-danger from now on.

If you're here for the graphics, please head on over to ☆sonokotoba☆.

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textures01 - 40 100x100 icon textures//textures02 - 21 100x100

I know I said I'd be closing this down at some point, but the idea I had of moving to a separate wordpress blog just...doesn't feel right. So for now, I will be keeping this as an icon/resources community and moving all future scans to

But, for now, have my first attempt at true icon textures. I'm exceedingly proud with how these turned out.

download here @ deviantart.


download here @ deviantart.


&comment/credit is appreciated, but not necessary
&do not claim as your own/redistribute as your own

I'd love to see what any of you make with these. :)
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Yatterman Promo Poster Scans & Duet July 2006

Two new updates have been added to

Yatterman Poster


Duet July 2006

I've also created an RSS feed for the site --> verydangerweb. By adding this to your f-list, it will update on your f-list every time I post scans. Warning: if you add the feed, you will have every post on there on your f-list right after. :/
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Affiliates is looking for affiliates! Scanners, graphics makers, other Arashi sites or JE sites or communities.

A small banner that's 100px wide by 30 high would be perfect if you'd like me to place it on the site.

I'll have one made for the site soon, so if you're interested, please leave a comment here!
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Notice! :)

The site is undergoing a serious overhaul at the moment, most notably a shift from the previous format to WordPress. I'm still working on the design (seeing as I've never worked with .php or WordPress aside from normal blogging), and moving everything over. Most things are up, aside from the individual magazines. Now each magazine issue will have their own post, instead of a group of pages.

More scans should be up when I return from NY next week. :)

The site is still up at →, thought some of the magazines are not up yet.
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website update & seda nov 2008

The website has been updated with the misc scans & pamphlets pages. There are no new scans, just ones I posted here previously.

Current Scanning List:

Seda November 2008 (though they photoshopped out all of Nino's moles...*mad*)Done. :D
★AAA Photobook
★Arashi is Alive Photobook
★WinkUp April 2008
★WinkUp October 2008
★Other Misc Duets/WinkUps/Potato pages I have pulled yet haven't scanned yet (older).

Keep an eye out for these coming soon. :)

Seda is DONE! Happy Birthday, honooko. I'm still trying to produce fic. :(

(Click the image above to go to the scans)
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Scans - 20 Misc Nino/Group Idol Shop & Fineboys November 2008 has been updated with new scans today!

Shop Photos -
18 Nino
1 Group (with special guests News in the background)
1 Ohmiya

1200px on the longest edge, 600dpi.



FINEBOYS Novembe 2008 feat. Nino

2500px on the longest edge, 600dpi.



please join & watch keep_a_peak to keep up on updates!
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UPDATE - New site layout and Cook Book Scans! has been updated! There is a new layout up, and the Cook Book scans have been finished and uploaded!

Please check it out (and check out the little widget on the main page :D)

Remember to join/watch this community to keep up on updates, as they'll be happening frequently! :)

600dpi and either 2000 or 4000px on the longest edge.

Preview of the Cook Book:

Link to the rest and zip files

- Comments are appreciated; credit is required if posting elsewhere.
- Do not remove my watermark.
- NO hotlinking
- If you make something with these, I'd love to see it! Please comment with a link. :)
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The 2008-2009 Arashi Calendar scans now have an extra home.

You can find direct download links (as well as the previous MU links) for the zip files and the images (all the same) here.

Please use the MU links if possible. If you do use the direct links, please 'right click + save as'. Thanks! :)